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   YogaSprout :: Yoga Mats :: "Caramel Latte" Yoga Mat

"Caramel Latte" Yoga Mat  
"Caramel Latte" Yoga Mat 


Visually Stunning - High Performance Yoga Mat

Renowned Chicago Interior designer Patricia Forman designed this extra thick, visually stunning yoga mat.... But this yoga mat was not just designed for it's looks!

The Caramel Latte Yoga Mat is a high performance mat that is extra thick, extra long, and textured on both sides.

- Extra Thick: 1/4" instead of the standard 1/8". More comforting cushion... more enjoyment of your excercises!

- Extra Long: No more constant repositioning on the mat from posture to posture, plus easy comfort for taller folks.

- Texture on both sides = Two times longer yoga mat life. Spread the normal wear over two surfaces instead of one!

This elegant and beautiful mat comes in a delicious caramel color with a delicate and naturally flowing blue/grey pattern design.

Add some "spice" to your next yoga session with Patricia Forman's "Caramel Latte" Yoga Mat!

Weight 3.20 lbs
Price: $39.95



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