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   YogaSprout :: Yoga Music :: Drops of Nectar - Shiva Rea

Drops of Nectar - Shiva Rea  
Drops of Nectar - Shiva Rea 

One of the great pleasures of yoga is the relaxation session or shavasana traditionally offered at the end of a class. When taught skillfully, shavasana invokes the flow of energetic 'nectar' down the spine to permeate the entire body with blissful energy.

Now, with Drops Of Nectar, yoga practitioners can experience this rejuvenating dimension of yoga at home and at their convenience. Taught by acclaimed instructor Shiva Rea, this immersive two-CD program guides listeners through:

* Yoga Nidra, a relaxation method that works with 36 areas of the body Tension release through the five koshas (layers) of the body

* A special meditation for healing areas of pain and blockage

* Lunar Shavasana - an effective means to rest the sense organs and induce deep and restful sleep

* 'Awakening the Lotus' chakra-based meditation, and more

As a complement to one's existing yoga practice, or used on its own, Drops Of Nectar will serve as valuable resource for anyone seeking to explore the healing traditions of yoga. Includes music by Ben Leinbach, Jai Uttal, and Manose.

SKU W008
Weight 1.00 lbs
Price: $18.95



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